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* I Don't Know What You've Been Told

* PROMELL Is Here To Take The Gold

* We Take No Stuff, Been Through The War

* Come On And  Join or Hit The Floor

Founded in 1999 by an Entertainment Guru; Malcolm D. Alexander whom decided to try his hand in the MLM/Network Marketing Industry. Through many trials & tribulations, and now with over 16 years of experience in this HBB Industry an incredible group of PROMELL Leaders have emerged. Adopting the vision of one of his Mentors; Coach Tomer whom mentored him to Millions.                 now on a mission to create 1000 Millionaires and help make the world a better place. Him & his Team PROMELL Leaders have only one question for YOU. Would you like to be one of these Millionaires and give us the honor of helping you to reach your dreams, achieve financial success while having fun and creating an amazing lifestyle for you & your family?  If thats ok with you, then its fantastic with us...S0 LET'S GET YOU STARTED RIGHT NOW!!

Everyone Says They're #1


Yes, that is very true. Yet in every sport or business that is what they all say. We know that generally there is really only one #1, yet that position is always up for grabs. That is because many are striving for #1, they feel they are worthy of #1, but have not yet taken that spot. Regardless of what is real and what is not, you can always review & trust the facts. Unfortunately in the Industry of Network Marketing MOST DO NOT and rely on Hype and the belief of their friends or as we call them, Upline. Yet those people were probably told the same fib as well. Here at Team PROMELL we balance the facts with the excitement of always striving to be #1.  Our track record of sticking with 1 company and always staying ahead of the curve has contributed to us being at the top for almost 2

Our Opportunity


Is this for me? Should I join this company and team? Do I have what it takes to win? Will I get the help I need? Can I trust to give it my all? We know you have questions and we are always here to answer them and help you. All we ask is that you do what you say and say what you will do, and we will meet you 100%. This industy, as suprising as it might sound, is much easier then people make it. Mainly because they do it wrong. They do not follow the system as we say and attempt it their way. Now do not get easy mixed up with simple. This will be hard but it will be worth it, just ask our leaders. Press The Button below to check us out and make sure to review the system and follow your leaders instructions when you join! 

Join A Family


Business is not easy, leadership is even harder, and success only goes to the few that will pay the price. You need a family around you that is strong, supportive and has your best interests at heart. You need leadership that leads from the front but can step to the back, protects you like a father and will love you like a mother while still pushing you to win. Thats our Founder & our Team. Straight shooters, holding no punches and telling you like it is. Yet at the end of the day we are the most caring people and will give you the shirt off our backs. Our Team Founder is no stranger to business & success and wants us all to win! Don't you want leaders like this fighting for you and your families future? We here at Team PROMELL are thankful and excited for the lessons and success principles poured into us. The track record of winners that has come from this team, and the future superstars that you will be amongst speaks for itself. Check out our Top Leaders and use their stories as we help you develop yours. Stay committed to your team and THE TEAM & most importantly consistent and you will WIN while bringing others along. Check us out, leave your info & JOIN US!!

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​  CREATION @ ITS                                BEST

                         4 Your




1st Family "The Alexanders" 

Contact Us...

554 N. Frederick Ave

Suite 323
Gaithersburg MD 20877

T  202-723-ABCE                   FB: Team PROMELL Lifestyle Group / DMV United Lifestyle Group

Malcolm D. Alexander - Founder

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