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Dr. Malcolm D. Alexander

Daddy CEO - Chaplin - Entrepreneur 


"You can't make it in life without love , and one can't make it in the world without money, and that means entrepreneurship. 

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Dr. Malcolm D. Alexander is a Business Builder and Highly Successful Mentor Maker. The Founder of Above and Beyond the Call Enterprises (ABCE), Alexander has empowered his clients to build their own businesses since 1982. A music enthusiast, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a minor in Percussion and Communications from Lincoln and Howard University and then became a Chaplain and obtained his Doctorate with Global Oved Dei Seminary and University.


Malcolm credits his multi-cultural upbringing for his diverse background and perspective. After growing up with African American foster parents, he was adopted and raised by Louise and David Alexander, a Caucasian couple and former Peace Corps Volunteers. His parents instilled pride in his cultural heritage by naming both his brother Paul after Paul Robeson and Malcolm after Malcolm X and Frederick Douglass, respectively. This was passed on as Malcolm later named his three sons Malcolm II, Mason and Myles after strong African American men. In addition, Dr. Alexander spent his formative years working on the families 100-acre farm and ran the farm alongside his mother from 10-12 years of age.   These unique experiences laid the foundation for his work ethic and ability to transform people’s lives through coaching to help them achieve what they once thought was impossible.           READ MORE

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dr. M.D.A.

"Its Your Decisions That Determine Your Liftstyle"

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