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Getting to Know Me (continued)

“It’s not about being a life coach but instead ‘being a coach in your life,’” Malcolm often says, playing an active role in helping his clients achieve their specific definitions of success. To date, he has mentored and coached over 1 million people.


Dr. Alexander founded Above and Beyond the Call Enterprises, a venture capitalist company that was created to help the underdogs along with those already experiencing massive success. In the past 30 years, he has invested, acquired, participated in the ownership/management, or built more than 30 companies.


Malcolm is also the Owner of PROMELL Wealth, where he is nicknamed the Millionaire Maker. PROMELL Wealth stands for Promoting Money Entrepreneurship and to Love Life. His favorite aspect of coaching and mentoring is witnessing the reactions of his clients when they begin to transform their lives, achieving what they didn’t realize that they could really do.


For his commitment to business development and music artistry, Alexander has received many awards including a Certificate of Appreciation (Jazz Band) from the Office of Finance & Accounting in 1984; Surge365 Founders Award; Network Marketing 6-Figure & 7 Figure Earner Awards in YTB & Surge365; his team has won the #1 Team Director Cup consecutively from 2017-2020 in Surge365, and lead him to create his own company in the arena. TWT & the 3-prong concept has taken the industry by storm. This lead continuing in the Travel Industry and to the Tech and Real Estate Industry where Alexander help's average people get paid. 


Out of his many accomplishments and recognition that Dr. Alexander received as a leader and entrepreneur, one of his most prized awards is founding the “Our Colors Count Diversity Group” and being the #1 Volunteer at Washington Grove Elementary School consecutively for three years in a row while raising his children. The proud father of three sons and a fourth stepson, Dr. Alexander's proudly nicknamed, the “Daddy CEO,” for his commitment to never missing a major performance or school activity for his children.

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As a lover of music, Dr. Alexander studied music while attending the prestigious Duke Ellington High School of the Performing Arts. His passion for music resulted in the creation of Straight from the Street Magazine from 1991-1998, a nationally distributed publication which won #1 Underground Publication by Def Jam Records in 1997. Wide-A-Wake Records, a company he helped found in 1988, has received several Grammy (Considerations) Nominations and Top Billboard hits.  No wonder Dr. Alexander was named by Nabisco in 1998 “The Most Successful Under 40”                            

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