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What Clients Are Saying

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Malcolm has been a friend and a business partner from the very beginning. When it comes to loyalty and work ethic, no one can match him. He has a way of spotting trends and making millions before you even realize what happened. I learn from him everyday, including what a Dad looks like. 

Ski Johnson - Celebrity Saxophonist 

latasha ward.jpeg

LaTasha Ward - Politician, Biz Owner


One of the most creative and driven mentees that I have ever coached. Wether it was on his way to his 1st million in MLM, trying to figure out how too mentally and spiritually deal with people, contributing to our company or  being the best dad ever, Malcolm gave it all he had.  

Coach Tomer - MLM Icon 

john blassingame.jpeg

I met Alexander as a young man struggling to be a magazine publisher. Yet he had more hustle than I had ever seen. I put him through many tests and he just kept on coming. Thats what makes him such a go Coach, he will never give up on you even when you give up on yourself. 

John Blassingame - New Day Associates - Todays Black Women Magazine

Cathy Hughes.png

We have know Malcolm Alexander for many years. When it comes to creativity and the willingness to lead, he is the one to follow. He has a passion for the underdog, and will push you to heights that you didn't think you could achieve. 

Cathy Hughes - Radio One & TV One


Dr. Alexander is a master at working the room and networking. Wether managing one of his artists, overseeing an event or pushing for a fundraiser or deal he is going to make it look easy. If you want to win, stay close to Doc.

Marc Elrich - Politician, MD County Exec

When I (R side) met Malc I was a government  worker, no time, single mom and I through I was doing well. He coached me to fire my boss in 10 1/2 month, reach 6-figures from home and go one to be a successful business women, world traveler and politician. I thank GOD he came into my life.

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